BAC Michael

A new Digital Ghost Hunt

by Elliott Hall on
After successful scratch performances, the project begins a new life

After a successful scratch performance, the project begins a new life


Using Archetype

by Valentina Gettatelli on
Reflections on my Erasmus Traineeship

Network Graph

Models of "model" a linguistic network graph

by Chris Pak on
A modelling of "model" - a linguistic network graph

Modelling is a concept that is central to DH, though its various linguistic associations can encompass complementary and contradictory meanings. By happy providence, the act of modelling itself leads to new insights for our KDL Postdoctoral Research Associate Chris Pak ...

Drawings on rocks capturing the essence of Africa's diverse cultural narratives.

African Rock Art

by Neil Jakeman on
A low bandwidth solution for cultural heritage web content

KDL help the British Museum to ensure that the natural custodians of cultural heritage have equal access to scholarship

a dark background with a central radiant metallic metropolis figure

Archetype Rising

by Neil Jakeman on

There have been some mysterious and intriguing noises coming out of KDL recently. The development team have been (metaphorically) hammering away to add the final touches to a digital behemoth hidden underneath an equally metaphorical, oil-stained tarpaulin...

Collage of face parts featuring spooky ghostly figures and eerie atmosphere.

Ghosts in the Machine

by Elliott Hall on

Digital ghosts, eye vibrations and narratives in physical space.  KDL Developer Elliott Hall is currently participating in the Reframed Project Development Programme 2017, exploring immersive and interactive storytelling at Lighthouse in Brighton...

A desk arrangement showcasing a laptop, headphones, and a cup of coffee.

First month in the Lab

by Arianna Ciula on
Reflections after a month at KDL

I took the role of analyst at King’s Digital Lab (KDL) just over a month ago. It is difficult to judge whether time flew so quickly because I feel at home or because the pace and rhythm of the place goes tick tick tick...

The portrait of composer Frédéric Chopin against a background of his own piano music notation

Chopin Conference

by Elliott Hall on
Chopin Online Variorum Edition conference, January 2017

KDL balance the tensions inherent when digital solutions are applied to analogue problems.

Ancient ruins of arches and building structures with a 'Leptis Magna' location marker overlay with a map

Heritage Gazetteer of Libya

by Neil Jakeman on
Heritage Gazetteer of Libya launched

Toponyms are slippery things, meaning one place to one person and perhaps a whole region to another. They are encumbered with cultural baggage, questions of identity, temporality and language.

A mix of project design and development phases on a whiteboard with a computer code background on the left

KDL Launch

by James Smithies on
KDL, established 2016

King’s Digital Lab continues a proud tradition of digital humanities at King’s College London. Formally launching on November 17th 2016, the lab builds on a legacy that includes 30 years of activity, set against a background of rapid innovation and change.