King’s Digital Lab is home to an approachable team experienced in leading and collaborating in several Digital Humanities projects, from small starting grants to multi-million project bids. Combining different personal backgrounds, both commercial and academic, we are at the fore front of exploring research avenues incorporating emerging technologies and new and, often, challenging ideas and directions with our project partners. Located in the heart of London, KDL is housed in the Viriginia Woolf Building, close to the Department of Digital Humanities (DDH) and the main Strand campus of King’s College London.

A diagram of team structure divided into 2 sections and broken down into roles
Team structure of King's Digital Lab

The KDL team includes 13 Research Software (RS) roles currently equivalent to 13 FTE. Staff are divided into two broad functions, “Lab Support” (LS) who focus on administrative, management and planning functions and the “Solution Development Team” (SDT) who focus on projects and infrastructure.

Current KDL team members

Departmental affiliates

Research fellows

Former staff