Designed, developed and maintained

Websites we have worked on will either have been entirely created by us, or contain a considerable component of our Design and/or Development work. Any or all of these services can be commissioned individually according to the expertise you require

KDL Designed

Sites designed by KDL have been created in collaboration with the project partners to ensure optimum usability for all intended audiences, and to create an appropriate and distinctive presence for the project. Our websites are designed with a "mobile first" philosophy, to be suitable for display on the widest possible range of web enabled devices.

We are happy to offer our design services for your website or data visualisation needs or on projects that might not be Developed or Maintained by KDL in the long term.

KDL can also provide design specifications, branding treatments, and graphical assets in industry standard formats for supply to other parties.

We use industry recognised, tried and tested CSS frameworks to develop our responsive designs, and we test on a range of browsers and devices. If you believe something isn't working the way it is designed to, please report this to us with a precise description of what action you are attempting to perform, the browser (and version) that you are using, and the operating system (and version) you are using.

KDL Developed

Sites built by KDL have been developed iteratively according to our own implementation of the Agile Software Development Lifecycle. This process involves continued unit-testing and incremental deployment of the finished resource.

During the development phase, the latest stable versions of our software development stack will be used to ensure maximum functionality, security and resilience.

At the point of going live, published web resources will be in a stable and sustainable implementation and will enter a 2 year maintenance lifecycle, whereby any projects hosted and maintained by KDL (see below) will be reviewed, upgraded at both the software and virtual hardware level according to an agreed Service Level.

We can offer development services for websites that have been designed by third-parties and have worked with design agencies and major GLAM sector brands to implement designs.

KDL Maintained

Websites listed as "maintained by KDL" are currently hosted on our servers and are automatically monitored for performance issues and potential problems. In the majority of instances, we will be notified very quickly of any issues with any of our sites, but if something slips through the net, we will respond quickly to notifications from web site users. Problems can be reported by contacting us.

Due to the complexity of some of our sites, there may occasionally be dependencies on several servers.

All sites that state in the footer that they are "maintained by KDL" are covered by a Service Level Agreement with the project partners involved. This agreement covers our responsibilities for hosting of the site, storage of project data (not including third-party sources of data that might be used in the website), backup and recovery, and security and version maintenance for the project.

Whilst all of our sites are tested and delivered as fully operational according to the agreed project requirements, changes in browser architecture or changes to third party APIs are beyond our control and may occasionally require modification of code to ensure continuous service and full functionality. Such "break-fix" actions are also covered in Service Level Agreements.

This is a brief summary of our services and you can read more on our About pages.