Digital Humanities Laboratory: Studying the Entanglement of Infrastructure and Technology in Knowledge Production Marie Curie Fellowship: DHLab

A series of colourful dots with connecting lines arranged in a network pattern is shown on a white background.
A network diagram showing the connections between technologies and their metadata in various states of being considered, actively used, or deprecated to legacy status by King's Digital Lab (Pawlicka-Deger, Ciula and Vieira, forthcoming).

DHLab was a Marie Skłodowska-Curie project conducted by Dr Urszula Pawlicka-Deger. The research aimed to provide a critical analysis of digital humanities working practices in a laboratory environment and infrastructural influences on knowledge production. The study was drawn on an empirical investigation of laboratory practices in digital humanities by merging various ethnographic methods.

The research was built on a case study of King’s Digital Lab situated within the UK DH infrastructure and community and in close relationship with the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London. The study was based on the observation of, and interviews with, participants involved in the labs, the analysis of written documents, and the analysis of digital communications.

As part of this research, Dr Pawlicka-Deger has organised Digital Humanities & Critical Infrastructure Studies Workshops in association with the Critical Infrastructure Studies collective, presented her outcomes at international conferences, and published scholarly articles.