Digital Methods for Investigating Online Engagement with Coronavirus Digital Cultures of #covid19

 Procedure for situational data set curation and lexicon analysis
Digital Methods for Investigating Online Engagement with Coronavirus

The Department of Digital Humanities (DDH), in association with the Public Data Lab and First Draft Coalition, initiated the project Digital Cultures of #covid19 to develop digital methods to analyse the role of digital cultures, platforms, infrastructures and devices and their effect on public responses to the Coronavirus pandemic. The project was also intended to investigate, report on and respond to online engagement around Covid-19 in different countries and online spaces.

KDL supported this project by installing, configuring and maintaining a new server and the Digital Methods Initiative Twitter Capture and Analysis Toolset (DMI-TCAT), that allow ed project researchers to retrieve, collect and analyse tweets from Twitter.

A recent paper that the team contributed to, drawing on some of these twitter dataset explorations, can be found at Testing and Not Testing for Coronavirus on Twitter: Surfacing Testing Situations Across Scales With Interpretative Methods.


Project Status: Post-project

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  • 2020–2022