Ego Media: Life Writing and Online Affordances EgoMedia

Visualisation detailing connections between theme essays, Ego media ideas and approaches, and various project sections.

Ego Media is a collaboratively written digital publication, which explicates the findings and methodologies of the Ego Media Project: a five-year research project based at King’s College London, funded by an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (2014-19). Ego Media explores how people’s self-presentational forms and practices have been affected by the advent of digital media. Utilising interdisciplinary methodologies, the publication assesses the ways in which specific digital platform architectures replicate and transform received modes of self-presentation.

In collaboration with the Ego Media research team, KDL prepared a digital prospectus for the publication to be hosted by Stanford University Press Digital, following selection of project proposals within the KDL/SUP call 2017 (see call and selection).

KDL developed the Ego-media final publication in 2019. The website is built with the Open Source web development framework Django. The Django based web platform is used to provide functionality to embed or upload the evidence material (e.g. images) for each section which form part of the Ego-media publication and to provide functionalities for recording metadata (e.g. tags for themes) about the uploaded content via an administrative interface to the resource. The editing interface was facilitated by the Wagtail Content Management System Django application. Browsing functionality with the possibility of using filters is implemented using the open source Isotope JavaScript library.