Distant Reading across Languages DRaL

A person is positioned in front of a brick wall with the text "distant reading across languages."

Supported by the Department of Digital Humanities (DDH) at King’s College London, Distant Reading across Languages (DRaL) is a collaborative project between DDH and KDL with a interdisciplinary team, including experts from research software engineering, UI/UX design, computational linguistics, and literary studies. The objective of the project is to experiment with the methods of distant reading and Digital Humanities approaches to explore translatorial responses to formal word repetitions.

To experiment with project data visualisations, King’s Digital Lab developed a web application where textual data can be uploaded dynamically by project partners and visualised to observe and reflect upon patterns of repetitions (what the project calls ‘repeteme’) and omissions. 
The web application is implemented and published using well established open source software and widely used web standards, such as the Django web framework together with the Wagtail content management system package.