Software Development Lifecycle

King's Digital Lab, King's College London

Dr Arianna Ciula | Pamela Mellen | Miguel Vieira


  • Established 2015, in Arts & Humanities Faculty, King's College London UK
  • 13 Team members
  • Collaborators: Researchers and Research Orgs
  • Research services and/or (co-)lead research
  • 50% Annual cost recovery model
  • Research areas: Digital Creativity, AI/ML, Indigenous DH, Data Viz (aspiration)


SDLC diagram

Evolutionary Development

Active development phase

SDLC increments
  • Deliverables and high level requirement (pre-project phase) reviewed and divided into increments
  • At at the end of each increment, what to focus next is decided

Evolutionary Development

Active projects

Projects in evolutionary development

Evolutionary Development

Custom dashboards

Custom dashboard with the projects in evolutionary development

Evolutionary Development

Projections per role

Role projections

Timebox Planning

  1. Review previous timebox
  2. Plan current timebox based on current projects' priorities
  3. Workload review

Timebox Planning

Review previous timebox

  1. What went well?
  2. What could be improved?
  3. Any Must projects that didn't get worked on?

Timebox Planning

Plan current timebox

  • High-level priorities set during meeting
  • Task level planning is done by project sub-teams at internal review meetings

Timebox Planning

Workload review

ClickUp workload view

Project Review

Status of project requirements

Project Review

Project review record - increment

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