Radical Translators

(Britain, France and Italy, 1789–1815)

Through the Lens of a Network Visualisation

Arianna Ciula, Miguel Vieira, Rosa Mucignat, Sanja Perovic

King's Digital Lab, King's College London



  • The Radical Translations (RT) project (2019–2023)
  • Aimed to unravel the complex relationships of radical ideas during the 18th and 19th centuries
  • Employed data models based on BIBFRAME and FOAF
  • Experimental work around network visualisations

Dataset Overview

  • 1,505 agents (214 organizations, 1,291 persons)
  • 237 events
  • 1,691 bibliographical resources (947 translations, 610 source texts, 255 paratexts)

Data Model

Data model

Network Visualisation

Network Insights

Abstracts complex personal trajectories

Network Insights

Highlights gaps, omissions, and issues

Network Insights

Reveals connections across borders

Research Process


  • Network visualisations reveal intricate connections shaping history
  • Expanded dimensions of interpretation within the RT project
  • Insightful tool for hypothesis verification

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