Mozart and Material Culture MOZARTMC

Bowl containing chocolates wrapped in foil showing Mozart portrait; some sheet music in background
Mmc Souvenir Chocolates

The project has its origins in a series of podcasts aired by the BBC in 2011, A History of Mozart in a Dozen Objects which used his engagement with everyday life and the objects of everyday life as a way of presenting a more rounded portrait of Mozart, both personally and as a musician, in his time and place(s). As a proof-of-concept pilot the website focuses on one aspect of material culture, souvenirs, including souvenirs the Mozarts collected on their early travels and souvenirs that the Mozarts produced themselves. The challenge for KDL was to structure the site and its data so that users could move easily back and forth between the world of Mozart's life - in particular his travels with his father - and the places, sights, and objects associated with it.