Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica IRCYR

Ancient ruins of the Caesareum façade.
Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica Facade of the Caesareum at Cyrene

The project publishes transcriptions of the texts of Roman Cyrenaica (today Libya) inscriptions made and organised by Joyce Reynolds. Under the coordination of Gabriel Bodard, these texts were converted to EpiDoc markup and transferred for online publication. Further texts were added from publications by Reynolds in recent years. The textual collection is enhanced by geographical data and photographs of the inscriptions provided by other members of the IRCyr research team.

The project began in 2008 at the Centre for Computing in the Humanities at King’s College London and it was migrated to King's Digital Lab in 2015. In 2020, KDL published the newly curated dataset from the EpiDoc front-End Services tool (EFES) repository on a new live server.