Illustrating Impact

Diagram modelling the intended interaction between Sumitter and Reviewer which was central to project aim.
Illustrating Impact Interaction Diagram

The project partners were interested in the possibility of having an online resource which would presents company data relating to various measures of social impact, and that would also facilitate public comments on / contributions to that data. As an initial exploration of the concept KDL modelled the desired functionality and principal interactions and on the basis of those models created static mockup HTML pages which mimiced one of the principal user journeys that the resource would enable. These mockups were produced to support subsequent funding applications and were not published.


  • Benedict Wilkinson Principal investigator
  • Crawford Spence Co-investigator
  • Fanny Picard Researcher
  • Julie Devonshire Co-investigator
  • Ken Moriyama Researcher
  • Mark Florman Researcher
  • Olga Loboda RSE team member
  • Paul Caton KDL RSE team member
  • Rachel Parr Co-investigator
  • Robyn Klingler-Vidra Principal investigator
  • Stefan Allesch-Taylor Researcher
  • Tiffany Ong KDL RSE team member