Georgian Papers Programme GPP

Painting of George III posing, standing central, with his family around him. One child plays with a dog; another holds a cockatoo.
King George III with his consort Queen Charlotte and their six eldest children, by Johan Zoffany, 1770

The GPP is a ten-year interdisciplinary project to digitise, conserve, catalogue, transcribe, interpret and disseminate 425,000 pages or 65,000 items in the Royal Archives and Royal Library relating to the Georgian period, 1714-1837. The ultimate goal of the Programme is to provide a unique digital resource which is both readily accessible to members of the public and capable of sophisticated manipulation by researchers in any discipline, and to offer academic and public programming representing fresh research and interpretation.

KDL is developing a Collaborative Workspace, bringing together images, transcriptions and existing metadata to provide a platform for researchers to search and also augment metadata to add value.