CultureCase: putting research to work

Screenshot of CultureCase homepage featuring the header, a article titled 'Using digital platforms for deeper and richer engagement with arts audiences' and the footer credits 'King's Culture' with a KCL logo.
Screenshot of CultureCase homepage

The CultureCase site is a legacy site, developed by a different design and development team. It is designed as a research resource for academic studies centred in the Arts and Culture sector. It contains synopses and reviews of current culture-related research articles, curated by academic and research staff affiliated with the King’s Culture Institute. CultureCase contains links to the articles it reviews, but it does not currently maintain an archive of those articles.

In liaison with the editorial team at King's Culture coordinated by James Doeser, KDL team migrated and converted the Content Management System from Wordpress to Wagtail, replaced the backend (Django framework) and continues to provide server infrastructure for web hosting. The original plan was for the project environment to integrate data processing and the site to publish associated visualisations produced by students in Informatics at King's College London. However this part of the collaboration did not materialise.

The frontend was only tweaked by KDL, who also undertook an accessibility assessment in 2022 as part of its Service Level Agreement.


  • Alexandra Talbott Researcher
  • Arianna Ciula KDL Research Software Analyst
  • Dan Walker Principal investigator
  • Elizabeth Sklar Researcher
  • Geoffroy Noël KDL RSE team member
  • James Doeser Researcher
  • Jansen Chipp Researcher
  • Kai Essers Researcher
  • Ruth Hogarth Principal investigator
  • Tiffany Ong KDL RSE team member