What happens to my project's digital outputs when the funded period ends?

KDL offers the option of maintaining relevant project components under a costed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Usually, the SLA is costed at pre-project phase as part of the Product Quote (see How does KDL help with a funding application?), and an email is sent out to request signatures prior to project final release. For SLA renewals partners are usually contacted 6-months before it expires. We offer agreements of variable durations depending on project age, infrastructure requirements, and Principal Investigator preference but our standard SLA duration is five years. Typically, an SLA with KDL includes Support and Troubleshoot (e.g., issues with hosting and CMS) as well as periodic renewals and updates (e.g., hosting, licenses, frameworks, libraries).

Other options for archiving and sustainability are available and can be explored on a case-by-case basis (see more details on our archiving and sustainability approach).