What happens after KDL takes on a project?

KDL undertakes a Feasibility Assessment to determine whether the project as proposed looks feasible with respect to the intended budget and timeline. We will define the methodological and technical requirements of the project with you, establishing for each its scope and relative priority (see What is MoSCoW prioritization?), and the nature of KDL involvement. Based on the requirements we will consider various aspects of KDL’s involvement over the project life cycle: the likely technical solution; development and management approaches; research contribution; delivery plan; hosting and maintenance as well as archiving and sustainability plans. The results of these discussions and considerations are recorded in an internal Feasibility Assessment document which also sets out the estimated costs of KDL involvement including management and infrastructure charges as appropriate. The document undergoes internal review and revision by KDL staff, and this process often helps us rethink and reformulate aspects of the project plan with you. We will then extract a version of that assessment to share with you in the form of a Product Quote (see How does KDL help with a funding application?) to inform your project budget and case of support for a funding application when applicable. In very rare instances we may conclude we would not be able to satisfactorily deliver the project as you would like and would then suggest other possible teams for you to contact.