How does KDL determine its costs for partners and funders?

The different perspectives and combined experience the team brings to proposal drafting and reviewing helps us produce reliable estimates of the number of work days needed to meet each requirement and then the cost is calculated using the appropriate day rate for the funding context. KDL is a TRAC-listed research facility, meaning we have set “access charges” based on the TRAC costing methodology approved by UKRI. For KDL, the main cost is for staff time, so the main access charge is our day rate. This varies by funder and is calculated annually to reflect the costs involved in running the Lab. For projects costed from 2 February 2024, KDL’s day rate is £770-£914.55. The final estimate will also include the cost associated with use of KDL server infrastructure, if applicable, as well as costs for hosting and maintaining a digital output beyond its funded period.