Brian Maher

Photo of Brian Maher

Former Senior Research Software Engineer & Research Software Systems Manager

After completing his MSc in Bioinformatics at KCL, Brian joined the Department of Digital Humanities in 2013 as a Research Developer working on two projects - “The Art of Making” and “The Making of Charlemagne’s Europe”.

Brian's main research interests are rather split, starting with Heuristic algorithms – attempting to solve problems which are impractical (or impossible) to solve by normal means. He is also interested in data analysis and modelling, including visualising data in fun and informative ways. He has previously taught classes in Data Structures and the Foundations of Computing – a module which teaches the underpinnings of modern computer systems.

He has experience developing for iOS, Mac and the web, and is highly interested in the advantages of cloud computing in modern web systems. His time working at Apple also taught him the huge advantages brought by mobile computing, and his web development environment is now almost entirely based around an iPad – moving away from the traditional “laptop on desk” way of working. He believes that bringing software development away from the days of complicated editing environments not only increases productivity, but also encourages more people to think about developing software, rather than just using it.

Away from computing, Brian is a keen guitarist, enjoying both playing and collecting guitars. He also has a passion for Italian cars – no matter how unreliable they always turn out to be!

In addition to more extensive engagement with the projects listed below, Brian's work as a systems administrator underpins KDL's full estate of digital research projects. The systems administration team manages the infrastructure which supports all of KDL's digital resources, past and present. He has been involved with all projects developed and maintained during his time at KDL.