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    Neil Jakeman

    Senior Research Software Analyst

    Neil came to the Department of Digital Humanities as a Research Developer in 2011 to help guide development in the spatial turn that DH research that was undergoing at that time. Arriving with a background in environmental analysis, spatial statistics and experience in commercial development, his interests within the department quickly broadened to encompass the diversity of topics that found their way into the department’s project portfolio. Neil has led development on a number of projects, most recently collaborating with the University of Wales to create a database of archaeological and palaeo-linguistic information to address questions of the origin and development of the Celtic language in the Bronze Age with the “Atlantic Europe in the Metal Ages” project. He also created a text and manuscript comparison tool for the study of vectors of transmission of French textual traditions for the project “Medieval Francophone Literary Culture Outside France”. His role within the lab has evolved to encompass cultivating new projects and relationships in the digital community and beyond as a Project Analyst. Outside of the lab Neil is a keen photographer, guitarist and climber.