As well as offering bespoke development services, hosting options and web design, KDL can perform a consulting role in all of these domains.

KDL offers bespoke consulting services related to digital strategy, project scoping, web development, data management, infrastructure, and hosting.

 Digital tools and methods are becoming increasingly important for work across the higher education and cultural heritage sectors, but it isn’t always easy to get started or understand what the next phase in your strategy should be. King’s Digital Lab have decades of experience working with a very broad range of project partners, from technical developers to senior managers. Our goal as consultants is to provide independent advice and options, so you can decide for yourself what direction you need to go in.

 Our services are available either daily, weekly, or monthly. We will work with you to define a Statement of Work that outlines exactly what the problem is, and what needs to be delivered and when. Then we’ll build the right team, from an extensive network, to ensure we give you what you need.

 In many cases this will amount to a short scoping document that helps define your project requirements and project management needs, as well as potential technical solutions. We can guide you through that difficult period from project inception to procurement, either stepping back at that point and letting you get on with your project, or continuing as your primary development team. Sometimes we find in the course of our consultancy that a blended team would be better, perhaps even using approaches we wouldn’t normally use in the lab: our goal is to get you started, or back on the right track, not to force a particular approach on you.

 Our experience establishing the lab, and managing its extensive infrastructure, means we are also good at designing laboratories too. This can be useful if you think your university or organisation needs a team like KDL, or something like it. We’re not precious about our model and are happy to provide advice to help others increase their digital capability too.

 This is especially the case with web and archive development, data modelling, and data management. These all have particular needs in higher education and cultural heritage contexts. We’re happy to augment existing teams, provide input into discrete phases of your project, or take the work off your hands entirely. We’re also adept at working with commercial partners, and are open to all sectors.

 If you would like to talk about potential technical consultancy email