King’s Digital Consultancy Service (KDCS) has now merged with KDL, offering a wealth of experience in digital research, publishing, analysis, and strategy.

King’s Digital Lab (KDL) are experts in the digital domain, with decades of combined experience and knowledge. Our consultants have worked in the cultural and heritage sectors, for commercial and media organisations and for Higher Education.

Our consultancy services are led by KDL Director, Dr. James Smithies. James has worked in the government and commercial IT sectors, and provided consultancy services to universities, government, and the cultural heritage sector in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. He leads a team of experienced developers, researchers, analysts and designers with vast experience in digital humanities, cultural heritage, and social science.

Professor Simon Tanner, previously Director of King’s Digital Consultancy Service (KDCS), joins us in a consulting capacity, bringing over 20 years’ experience working with major cultural institutions across the world to assist them to transform their collections and online presence. 

The KDL team includes developers, designers, project managers, technical infrastructure specialists and analysts, and is further augmented by our academic affiliates.

Our close relationship with King’s Department of Digital Humanities (DDH) allows us to access some of the foremost thinkers in that field, bringing talent on board for entire projects or targeted phases.    

With these relationships and our internal expertise, we are well placed to provide expert consultancy on specific digital methods and technologies, writing research grant applications, data curation, project scoping and startup, and digital strategy.

 Whatever your digital research needs, KDL is a hub of capable, genuine experts who will work collaboratively to make your goals achievable. Our broad base allows us to offer expertise in both theory and practice, and in technical approaches.

There is no cost in contacting KDL and many possible benefits. Feel free to contact us whether you have a specific need in mind, or would just like to chat.


Technical Consultancy

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Strategic Thinking and Models

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